International Seminar Agrarian South: challenges for the land and agrarian questions in the Global South

6th e 7th de November 2014


New Social Sciences Institute Building, Darcy Ribeiro Campus  -Brasilia



Thursday 6 November 2014


9 h – Opening Ceremony



9:30 h – Conference:

Capitalism, Agrarian Question and Labour Reserves in the Global South: Some Reflections from Asia

Praveen Jha (JNU-India)

Discussant: Newton Gomes Jr (Mader/UnB)



11:00 h – Round Table:

The political economy of land in Brazil: environmental and indigenous claims.

Andrey Cordeiro (DPDA/UFRRJ)

Rodrigo Martins (UFSCAR)

Discussant: Janaína Diniz (FUP/UnB)



14:30 h – Round Table:

The Agrarian Question in Brazil: the social movements’ demands.

Representatives to be designate by social movements



17:00 h – Research Communications on land, gender, States and the South (Master and PhD Candidates from UnB)

Rogerio Giugliano (SOL/UnB) – Global South and the CCT´s: Brazil and India as mediators.

Natalia Adriele Pereira (SOl/UnB) – Rural Development and Agrarian Transformation: solutions form tenure insecurity in South Africa.

Jean Michel Moreira da Silva (SOL/UnB) – Disputes of the 1964 Land Statute: the making of the first agrarian reform act in Brazil

Luiz Antonio Guerra Marques (SOL/UnB) – Reflections on modernity from the Zapatistas Territory autonomy.

Natalia Cabanillas (SOL/UnB) – Concepts and contexts: women and feminisms in South Africa.

Discussant: Camila Penna





Friday 7 November 2014


9:00 h – Round Table:

Land and agrarian question in the South-South relations

Leticia Cesarino (UFSC)

Bernardo Mançano Fernandes (Unesp)

Marcelo Rosa (SOL/UnB)

Discussant: Fabricio Neves (SOL/UnB)



11:15 h – Conference:

Land and Racial questions in South Africa

Lungisile Ntsebeza (UCT-Africa do Sul)

Discussant: Antonadia M. Borges (Dan/UnB)



14:30 h – Round Table:

States, movements and territories in Latin America

Luis Felipe Rincon (CEA/Argentina e UNESP/Brazil)

Camila Penna (ICP/UnB)

Discussant: Eric Sabourin (CIRAD/Mader/UnB)



16:15 h – Conference:

The land reform in Zimbabwe and the lessons to a South-South debate

Sam Moyo (AIAS-Zimbabwe)

Discussant: Marcelo Rosa (SOL/UnB)